Don’t expect anything from anyone

Jeevan Mein Cigratte, Sharaab Aur Jua

जीवन में सिगरेट ,शराब, और जुआ से भी पहले छोड़ने लायक कुछ है,
तो वह है दूसरों से उम्मीद..

We expect things from the people whoever close to us or we love them and trust them. I don’t remember that I expect things from anyone else than my wife. Because I love & trust her the most. And that hurt a lot that time when I had expectations from her. We already separated 5 years ago. My heart still has goosebumps for her. The only thing that has changed is expectation.

One of the lessons I learned from my experience is Don’t expect anything from anyone. When you help someone, give kindness, give time or anything else don’t expect it in return. Eventually, your Karma will reward you in any way.

Keep in mind that your hurt, pain, disappointments, and whatsoever would be easier if you didn’t expect something back from someone.