Who suffered most in a breakup, boy or girl?

A few days back, me and my friend having a conversation about one of our common friend’s breakup stories. In that story, there is a question raised that who suffered most in the breakup, boy or girl. All have their own side to view this question but in my perspective, either of boy or girl can suffer the most. It is not related to gender specific.

I strongly believe that sometimes one has to pay the extra cost and bear all the pain it can be either boy or girl. One who is attached more to their partner will suffer the most.

I’m a married man with a divorce. In my case, I am still paying costs, still bearing all the pain as she already moved on and get married again in no time after our divorce. My family always tries to convince me that I should get married soon. But they don’t know where I am standing right now. I am still standing where she left me.

Sometimes I thought that I should get married then I get another thought how about if the same thing happens again. And the hidden truth is she is still left in me. I am still living with her not physically but emotionally.

I have a strong belief in God so I already forgive her. I am strongly attached to her because she is my first love and my first love is always so special. I would prefer to bear all the pain alone because I want to see her happy. I can pay any cost for her happiness.

But the conclusion about the question we raised in our conversation is that boys take time to overcome this breakup trauma and girl easily move on.