Open letter to my dear Pooja

Dear Pooja,
You will always be the closest person to my heart. Sorry, I am still calling you wifey. From day one when I saw your photo, you are always part of my prayers. I always wanted my life with you always, remember that. Not a single day I could imagine without hearing your voice or seeing you. I always put you ahead of me in priority.

In these four and half years, I died every single day. I almost cried daily when I have thought about you in my mind. I have tried my best to get you back and to get you back I spent a lot of time. I want to admit that it was my mistake that I was trying you back because I was thinking about myself that how would I live without you. I had to understand that you have your life too and you have your dreams too. I tried to change myself and tried almost everything to fix our issues but I did never get your support. I was alone during that time. You were with your mind and I was with my heart.

I realized that it is hard for you to live with me but still I was trying to get back you. Sorry, I become selfish. Then I decided to let you go for your happiness, for your dreams, for your life. I don’t want to be a burden on your life. It was a very hard decision for me and I was aware that it will change our lives. Still, I thought if everything goes like that, no one will be happy and you would not believe but your happiness matters to me most.

I have a complaint with you that you never support me, I had dreams for you, for us. Like I always gave you chances after chances of your lies, you never gave me those chances.

From day one, I knew that you were lying to me still I trusted you and backed you and stand by your side. I was looking for some kind of support from you. But it is okay now. You chose your own way with your new life partner. Dedicate yourself to him. And then see the magic.

And don’t be afraid that I will spoil your life by telling your lies to your hubby. Revenge is not in my nature. I just want to see you happy, with me or without me. Because I LOVE YOU, dear.