Roses For YOU – My Proposal


I remebered that day after our first meeting, next day on call You tell me the magical words “I Love YOU”. I was shocked how someone can love me and propose me without knowing me. She wanted to hear same from me.

She asked me “Do I love her”?

I replied, Yes, I do! I replied so because I don’t know her really well. In a one meeting, its just impossible to know someone. But yes, I liked her very much. I saw her a photo in Yellow Saree and she was looking gorgeous.

I asked her how she fell in love with me in first meeting. She did not give me satisfactory answer. But as we are going to marry soon, she started showing her love after first meeting. I told her I will propose you when it comes from the heart not from the mind, not what you want to hear from me. I will propose you when it comes from my deepest heart and when I have same feeling for you.

I took approx 20 days to feel that then I proposed her after 20 days of our first meeting. That was my first proposal to any girl. From that day she became my LIFE.

Its been 5 years now and we are not together.  After 5 years, here is my proposal for you:

You’re the most beautiful girl for me, I am still waiting to hear those magical words from you. Will you be mine as I am already yours for last 5 years? I want to live again with you. I LOVE YOU now & forever.

I know thats not going to happen atleast in this life. After knowing your lies, your betrayl, your fake love, I still care for you just because my LOVE is pure and my love is unconditional.

I wish keep smiling, be happy, be helathy & be dreamer wherever you are.

Happy Propose Day