Lies… Lies… Lies…

Lies... Lies... Lies...

I will never regret meeting you. You were the best mistake I have ever made. All the tears I shed, all the time I lost, all the faith and trust in love I lost and overthinking were not in vain because you taught me to never give my love out so freely ever again.

See, I learned to forgive those that have done me wrong in the past. So, I thank you for everything you put me through. You helped me grow. You helped me build the man I am today and remind me the type of man I will never be again.

You start with the lies from the first meeting, you continue lies when we were together and when you ended up everything you never stop lies. You taught me how to live freely and what is love. My love will never end for you, but I will never trust you again. You gave me the purpose of my life what should I go to achieve for.


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