Heart Breaking Quote – Thoda Intezaar To Kar Lete

Heart Breaking Quote - Thoda Intezaar To Kar Lete

She cheated on me, she always lied to me. I don’t remember what she told me any single truth about her. And because of this I had been mentally harrased and physically exhausted and don’t know why I was still waiting for her and thinking “Everything will be alright one day.” If my love is true she will be back one day and hug me and say I’m sorry for all those lies I am all yours and I want you to be totally mine. And after long waiting period she ditched me again.

Heart Breaking Quote:

Thoda Intezaar To Kar Lete
Waqt He To Kharab Tha, Dil Nahi

In Hindi

थोड़ा इंतज़ार तो कर लेते
वक़्त ही तो खराब था, दिल नहीं

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