Doosron Ko Mitane Ki Dhun Me – Wasim Barelvi

Doosro ko mitane ki dhun me

Everywhere people getting egomaniac, they are not able to see in long term when they are so dedicated towards destroying other lives to satisfy their ego. This is happening in relationships as well where people try to destroy their partner lives when their partner does not satisfy their desires or in other words they are unable to make their partners to satisfy their so called ego.

Revenge destroys not just one side but both side. Because of this revenge, people distracted with their self-growth and getting self-centered or egomaniac to destroy other lives, careers and relationship. In this so called revenge, no one will get anything. It is just about loss on both side. I don’t know why people doing it.

दूसरों को मिटाने की धुन में आदमी ख़ुद को यूँ मिटाता है,

जैसे चुभने की फ़िक्र में काँटा शाख़ से ख़ुद ही टूट जाता है।

~ वसीम बरेलवी


Doosron Ko Mitane Ki Dhun Me, AAdmi khud ko yun mitaata hai

jaise chubhne ki fikr me, kaanta saakh se khud hee toot jaata hai

This is very famous Hindi shayari from Wasim Varelvi.


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